Hello! I'm Sofia Franek.

Freelance Website Developer & Designer.

Start-to-end website design and development for young creatives & start-ups on a budget. My purpose is to provide an affordable brand-building solution to creative entrepreneurs and start-ups.

I work with a range of businesses from individuals, to startups and large corporates. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, email me and I'll get back to you.

Sofia Franek

About me

My name is Sofia Franek and I currently work remotely in Portugal. I was born and brought up in the UK. Since I graduated from school in 2017 I have been travelling the world, studied and now working professionally as a Website Developer.

As a creative, I run my own business to have control of my time and maintain a healthy balance between life and work. I love working with individuals who have also connected with the same reasons I have for their life and career choices.

Recent projects


MCPR wanted a completely new design and tech stack.

I worked closely with Manon Prost who designed the new website. Together we relaunched MCPR in a few weeks. I used new technologies and an easier Content Management System so they are able to update content in the future.

Graphics By Aimee

Aimee wanted a colourful and vibrant website to showcase her lastest projects and design services.

I built her website using the latest technolgies and best practices. Added a content management system so after I had completed the website Aimee is able to update content herself.

Aimee choice the Starter Website Package with some additional features and pages. This project took two weeks to complete.

Mel B Celebrant

Melanie came to me wanting a minimalist and elegant website to start advertising herself as a celebrant. She didn't have much content to start with so we decided to go with a single page website.

Since the first launch I have done two maintenance services for her to update content. The website allowed her to get clients and from that she grew her content.

Tarot AF

Anna wanted a unique and bold website to share her tarot services. This included a booking third party integration with Calendly.

Most of her content is through social accounts so this website was simply more informational and directing people to her other social platforms - Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.


It's important to me, that the people I work with feel comfortable and aren't afraid to ask questions or tell me when they aren't happy with something. I pride myself on being approachable to my clients.


With my many years of experience in this field, I can intuitively understand and bring your business to life. With your unlimited knowledge of your brand and business, we are together equipped with the tools to bring your vision to life.

Open minded

With an open minded approach to life and creativity, I thrive to deliver orginal ideas and uplife your business and allow you to gain the online pressence you deserve.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I have a website?

Helps build trust and credibility with your audience.

They can see everything they need to know about your business from you directly.

Start building your online pressence today.

How much does a website cost?

A website will cost anything your willing to pay at the end of the day.

DIY templates are very popular with Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, Shopify and many others. But this means you putting in the hours to make your website, which from experience can be difficult.

Hiring a website designer or develop can be another option, this can range from £500-£5,000+ depending on your website's specifications.

I work with all budgets, my goal is to allow everyone have a website, no matter what. I do offer a payment plan option with my website packages.

How long does a project take?

This completely differs based on the scope of your project and the website package you choose.

A starter package is two weeks, the business package is three weeks and the ecommerce is four weeks.

But these are rough guidelines as you can customise the packages based on your business needs.

When can we start?

I usually book out my calender 2/4 weeks in advance, so keep that in mind when reaching out as I might not be able to start immediately. However, sometimes projects can come together quicker than others and spaces open up!

Work with me

I would love to work with you! I thrive off the creative process of building a bespoke website and delving deep into inspirations of individuals and businesses that come to me searching for someone to understand their brand and business and create a website that presents this perfectly.

Sofia Franek